A health examination center full of humanistic artworks to resemble Palace of Versailles

Examination Zone

  1. A brand new wood study-like MRI and CT room makes you feel like home and provides you with a relaxed and friendly examination environment!
  2. Completely isolated traffic flows and private gastroenteroloscopy rooms to protect your privacy.
  3. Different from clinics, an independent examination area and facilities are provided exclusively for our health examination customers.
  4. Daily checkups and routine maintenance to ensure the cleanness and accuracy of the facilities.

Lounge Room

  1. Equipped with comfortable, spacious and multiple independent lounge rooms and providing non-disturbing and absolutely private environments to protect your privacy.
  2. Following the standards of high-end hotels, providing toxin-free paint furniture to build a gallery-like humanistic area.
  3. Other than closed environment and grey-white walls in regular health examination centers, we use natural sunlight and artworks to decorate the health examination center, so our customers and their family may enjoy such relaxed, friendly and cultural environment to reflect our customer-first and customer-centered values and distinguished services.

360° views

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