regarding “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital”

  • What are the professional members in the team of the “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital”?

    The professional team is led by our Chief, Dr. Wei, Chao-Jung (former radiologist in Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Chief of the MRI Center of Taichung Veterans General Hospital) and composed of several medical imaging specialists with enriched MRI interpretation experience, clinicians from different departments/divisions, radiation technicians, nurses, health managers, etc. The goal is to act as a guardian and take care of your health properly and thoroughly.  

  • Is the “Executive Health Management Center” subject to Cheng Ching Hospital?

    The “High-end health examination center, Cheng Ching Hospital” is the former of “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital”. To meet the future health management trend, we have built a brand new health management center (i.e. “Executive Health Management Center”) on the 3rd and 4th floor of Jing-Yi Building. This is a gallery-like center covers a nearly three thousand square meter area and is ornamented with humanistic and cultural artworks. Our center also introduced multiple high-end medical imaging tools such as 3T-MRI, NBI, iCT, etc., and recruited several experienced medical imaging specialists to provide a version 4.0, one-stop health examination and subsequent health management services. 

  • What are the health examination services in “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital”?

    Our health services include the following:  

    1.Medical Imaging Health Checkup-Package A High Precision

    2.Medical Imaging Health Checkup-Package B High Precision

    3.Medical Imaging Health Checkup-Package C High Precision

  • About Executive Health Management’s professionalism.

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