The establishment of the “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital”

The establishment of the “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital”

The “Executive Health Management Center” is composed of a professional medical imaging team, and is run by a historical for 83 years, and renowned local hospital in Taichung City - Cheng Ching Hospital. This center has integrated advanced cutting-edge examination facilities such as 3T-MRI, iCT and 2nd generation NBI, recruited excellent medical imaging specialists, gastroenterologists and related medical team members and promoted the most updated concept of “Health Examination Version 4.0” in order to lead Taiwan's march toward an individualized intelligent health examination era.

The Integration of Cutting-edge Technology/Facilities and a Dream Team Composed of Star Physicians

The “Executive Health Management Center, Cheng Ching Hospital” has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on the procurement of cutting-edge medical imaging facilities and the recruitment of a team of professional star physicians with 16 years of experience in medical imaging interpretation, which is considered a “Dream combination” and a gold standard for comprehensive health management in Taiwan. To provide an extensive public health service, Cheng Ching Hospital – Chung Kang Branch has established an isolated area with more than 3,305 square meters of space designed to offer a humanistic gallery within the two floors in the 2nd medical building. The goal is to build a large-scale and professional health management center to allow the public to have comprehensive health management platforms.

Open a New Generation, Version 4.0 Intelligent Health Examination Program

The “Health Examination Program Version 4.0” refers to a new concept of using images to detect and clarify physical lesions in a very short time before disease onset to achieve the most comprehensive and efficient physical examination. The concept of “Health Examination Program Version 4.0” consists of one-stop health services, health management consultation, high-end imaging equipment check-ups, results interpretation by senior specialists, integrative reports made by family physicians, customized resolutions to individual customers and subsequent referral networks. The goal is to maintain public health and create a new generation of unprecedented intelligent health management era.

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